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Engadi Ministries Intl

As the executive director of Engadi Ministries Intl., Nathan Hardeman has been called “a visionary.” Born and raised in Guatemala, he has worked to reclaim children from the traumas of poverty and gang violence (especially in Guatemala City’s deadly Zone 18, “Paradise”) since 1996, the official end of the country’s civil war.

With his wife, Claudia, he has organized a successful home-building program and feeding program, and has helped to construct a medical clinic and school, each of which serves hundreds of needy Guatemalans every day.

Engadi Ministries is Nathan and Claudia’s life’s work:  It is an ambitious boys home project that will provide a safe family environment and education to hundreds of at-risk boys. Rather than treating only the symptoms of Guatemala’s impoverished and fatherless culture, Engadi will provide boys a refuge from gangs where they can realize their full potential and, as Nathan describes, “become the mighty men who will turn around Guatemala’s culture entirely.”

For more information, or to contact Nathan, visit www.EngadiMinistries.org.

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