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Engadi Ministries Intl

Phillip and Eileen Blume are professional wedding photographers and owners of Blume Photography Studios in Athens, GA. Phillip first saw the traumatic effects of Guatemala’s post-war, “fatherless” culture while volunteering at an orphanage in the summer of 2004. The children he grew to love there usually arrived at the institution having been beaten, cut, raped, or extremely malnourished. Both he and Eileen have spent time serving the poor in third world countries of Central America and elsewhere. They believe art must be about more than aestheticism and commercialism:

     Our work should celebrate and foster the beauty in life      that we experience in Jesus Christ. Engadi captured our      hearts like no other cause we’d had the opportunity to      turn our lenses on.

Lost Boys of Paradise represents their first filmmaking endeavor. They hope its story inspires you to pour your talent and creativity into something worthwhile.

For more information, or to contact Phillip and Eileen, visit www.BlumePhotography.com

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